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The $169 Stump

Feb 3, 2021

One of the big educational supply companies is now selling stumps! In this blog I share my opinion on all this.

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Alberta Child Care Regulation Update

Jan 26, 2021

Alberta will have new child care regulation on February 1. In this blog I share any of the updates that relate directly to outdoor play and experiences.

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Moving Loose Parts Outdoors

Oct 14, 2020

4 ideas on how to move loose parts in and out of a play space if you don’t have permanent outdoor storage.

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Heading back to School with Outdoor Learning

Aug 24, 2020

All the conversations I am having right now with parents and teachers revolve around going back to school in September.

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Outdoor Loose Parts Storage Ideas

Aug 12, 2020

Weird shapes and random stuff make loose parts amazing for play but a challenge for storing. In this blog I share a few ideas for storage I have come across in various settings.

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