In an earlier blog, I shared permanent storage ideas but we don’t all have access to this type of storage and have to move our loose parts in and out of the play space every day. This may change the type of materials you bring out (a subject for a different post!). Here I will share 4 different ways I have seen loose parts and other materials moved into spaces, they all have pros and cons. Consider the following questions when you are looking at transport options:

How far do you have to travel to the play space?

Who is carrying this?

What time of year is it?

Where are you storing indoors? Is it a common area? Your classroom?

If you have your own way to move loose parts and other materials in and out of a play space please share it with me! I would love to add to this post. I can be reached at

Cargo Sled

You can cram a lot of stuff onto this sled! The great thing is that it isn’t just for winter, I have seen it used without snow to haul loose parts along a grassy path. If you have to transport over sidewalks, gravel or asphalt for a long distance I would only recommend the sled for winter use.

Sturdy bin with wheels

This bin is being used in Alberta Parks to store and transport loose parts for nature play programs. It is hefty, lockable, has wheels and a handle. The solid lid is also great as you could sit or even stand on this bin if needed. It is big so you could load a lot of stuff in here but you still want to make sure it isn’t too heavy to wheel the distance you need to go. These are available at Home Depot.


The good ‘ole collapsible wagon, light and easy to pull. If you are tight on space indoors this may be the way to go as you can collapse the wagon once it is empty. They are not as big as the previous bin with wheels.

Duffle bags

When I do play sessions I often use duffle bags from MEC. They are tough and you can cram so much into these bags. I am not usually carrying them very far so weight isn’t a big issue. If you are moving materials a distance I would recommend one of the options with wheels but if you are just moving materials to a schoolyard, for example, these work well.