Linking play, curriculum and the outdoors in a way that is engaging and meaningful.

The best schools learn from and use the research evidence to inform their teaching, and guess what? Research shows us that children are more active outdoors, academic learning improves and environmental stewardship is nurtured. What does this actually look like? Research gives us direction here too, playful engagement, often in nature, is the most effective teaching strategy for positive, long term learning outcomes.

Outdoor + Play + Nature = Learning

Get Outside and Play works to make the research in this area practical and accessible to teachers to strengthen practice and improve student learning. Want to dive into the research around outdoor play and learning? We have listed some of the key resources here (link coming soon).

Interested? Let's talk about how we can support your school in creating engaging outdoor spaces and experiences that spark curiosity and learning.


We will come to your school to explore outdoor play and learning with your teachers. Together we will:

  • Learn about the benefits of outdoor play to learning and development

  • Connect outdoor experiences to the curriculum

  • Consider how your schoolyard and nearby nature can be used to enhance learning

  • Share ideas, successes, and challenges

  • Actually get outside and play!


$400.00 2 hour workshop

$500.00 3 hour workshop

$800.00 full day



Want to go deeper with outdoor play and learning at your school? Consider bringing Get Outside and Play into your school to design a program that helps your students and teachers get outside on a regular basis. We can:

  • Find nearby nature locations easily accessible for your school
  • Deliver workshops to teachers that explore curriculum connections, risk benefit assessments and schoolyard activities
  • Present to parents on the benefits of outdoor play and learning
  • Directly deliver curriculum connected programs to the students
  • Help explore how the playground and recess can be improved through loose parts and other solutions.


After a free 1 hour consultation, and if you decide to go ahead, we will design a package that meets the needs of your school.